The Government of Puerto Rico established that the foundation for its socioeconomic

development model is based on science, technology and innovation. This led to

creation of Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS).


Digital Transformation

Envisioning a digital native government that increases competitivity and productivity by offering efficient and consistent services centered on the citizen and entrepreneur experience through all contact points, made possible through innovative design, technologies and best practices.

Innovation Ecosystem

Attracting local and global collaboration partners and advisors to strengthen our ecosystem and produce tangible results. These results are focused on the optimal development of our human capital and in the sustainable growth of our economy. We must shift Puerto Rico from being a consumer of innovation to being a producer of innovation for the world.

Data Revolution

Aiming to build a performance and accountability framework that provides real-time and historic data not only for transparency purposes, but that recognizes data as a strategic resource that can trigger innovation and that can transform government decision making and public policy.


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