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PRITS 2023-007: For Comprehensive Cybersecurity Support and Implementation Services: Bolstering Government Cyber Resilience

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9/27/2023 4:23 PM

The Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS) is committed to enhancing cybersecurity across various government agencies. To achieve this objective, PRITS solicits proposals from qualified Proponents to provide expert support in implementing robust cybersecurity practices, controls, and training programs.

The Service Contract Opportunity Notice (SCON) aims to attract Proponents with the necessary experience, technical skills, and expertise to collaborate with PRITS and its stakeholders to achieve a cohesive and unified approach to bolstering the government’s overall cybersecurity resilience.

PRITS looks forward to implementing comprehensive cybersecurity measures, fostering a cyber-aware organizational culture, and ensuring uninterrupted government operations amidst evolving cyber threats. Proponents are encouraged to align their proposals to the scope of services and deliverables this SCON outlines. Additional services may be proposed to complement and enhance the government’s cybersecurity objectives.

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