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Service Contract Opportunity Notice (SCON) For Management Services for the Implementation of an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

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6/6/2023 11:59 PM

The Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service(PRITS) is the Office of the Executive Branch of the Government of Puerto Rico responsible for implementing, developing, and coordinating the Government's public policy on innovation, information, and technology. Act151-2004, as amended, also known as the Electronic Government Act, establishes that PRITS has the authority to manage the information systems and implement the rules, regulations, and procedures related to the use of information technologies at the governmental level. 


With a dedication to fostering innovation and technology adoption in Puerto Rico, PRITS strives to enhance technology integration in government operations and services while modernizing and streamlining service delivery for the public and businesses. To achieve these goals, PRITS has implemented various technology initiatives, such as the development of CESCO Digital. This mobile application allows drivers to conveniently access services provided by the Department of Transportation andPublic Works (DTOP). Additionally, PRITS has introduced the Electronic Identity for ElectronicAccess (“IDEAL” for its Spanish acronym), a government data exchange system that facilitates the seamless sharing of citizen and entity information among different agencies, thereby simplifying government transactions for individuals and private entities. 


Inline with our commitment to innovation, PRITS is releasing this Service Contract Opportunity Notice (“SCON”)to encourage qualified Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to propose their services in implementing and adhering to the best practices of the InformationTechnology Infrastructure Library (“ITIL”). PRITS is seeking an MSP that can act as a leading support team for our organization, demonstrating excellence inits services. It also provides employee training in request management, change management, incident management, problem management, and the utilization of a configuration management database (“CMDB”). In general, this SCON aims to identify an MSP partner with expertise in ITIL, a proven track record of providing high-quality services, and a solid commitment to customer satisfaction.

Act No. 75 of July 25, 2019, as amended (“Act 75-2019"), known as the "Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service Law," imposes on PRITS the responsibility, under Article 6(ff), to review, evaluate, and approve any project related to the creation, implementation, modification, migration, and updating of databases, innovation, information, and technology to be adopted by the agencies. Article 3(a) of Act 75-2019 defines the government bodies regulated by PRITS are any agency board, body, examining board commission, public corporation, office, division, administration, bureau, department, authority, official, employee, person, entity, or any instrumentality of the Executive Branch of the Government of Puerto Rico.

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